Krishna Academy Secondary School
Co-educational English Medium
Affiliated to CBSE Preet Vihar Delhi

Co-Curricular Activities

If any activities coincide with holiday or PTM day Then completion will prepone or postponed.

Date / Day Class - 1 Class - 2
April 1st Saturday Drawing / Colouring Drawing / Colouring
April 2nd Saturday English Handwriting Eng. Recitation
April 3rd Saturday Eng. Recitation Origami / collage
July 1st Saturday - Solo Dance
July 2nd Saturday Best Out of Waste -
July 3rd Saturday Solo Dance -
July 4th Saturday Greeting Card (Rakhi) Greeting Card (Rakhi)
August, 1st Saturday - Fancy Dress
August, 2nd Saturday Origami /collage -
August, 3rd Saturday Fancy Dress Self Introduction
September, 2nd Saturday - English Handwriting
September, 3rd Saturday Clay Moulding Computer Painting
October, 1st Saturday Diya Decoration Diya Decoration
October, 2nd Saturday Computer Painting -
October, 3rd Saturday - G.K.Quiz
November, 1st Saturday Self Introduction Story Telling (Eng.)
November, 2nd Saturday Story Telling (Eng.) Mask Making

Date / Day Class - 3 Class - 4 Class - 5
April 2nd Saturday computer Painting / Word Puzzle jewellery / Mask Making Solo Song / Finger Painting
April 3rd Saturday Solo Song / Finger Painting Computer Painting / Word Puzzle Greeting Card / Hand Writting
July 1st Saturday English Recitaion / Flag Making Solo Song / Finger Painting G.K. Quiz / Creative Writting
July 2nd Saturday Self Introduction / Hand Writting Eng. Recitaion / Extempore English & Hindi Spelling / Extempore
July 3rd Saturday Story Telling / Mask Making Drawing / Hand Writting Jewellery / Mask Making
July 4th Saturday Fancy Dress / Story Writting Greeting Card & Slogan Drawing / Colouring / Collage
August, 1st Saturday Jewellery Making / Solo Song G.K. Quiz / Creative Writting Solo Dance / Poem Writting
August, 2nd Saturday Greeting Card / Song Antakshari Diya Rangoli Decoration Fancy Dress / Story Writting
August, 3rd Saturday Diya / Rangoli Decoration Solo Song / News Paper Making Debate / Speech Competition
October, 1st Saturday Collage / Origami Debate Speech Memory Comp. / World Puzzle
October, 2nd Saturday Drawing Colouring / Word Antakshari fancy Dress / Word Puzzle Comp. Painting / News Paper making
November, 2nd Saturday G.K. Quiz / Creative Writting collage / Origami Best Out of Waste / Ad Making