Krishna Academy Secondary School
Co-educational English Medium
Affiliated to CBSE Preet Vihar Delhi

Chairman, Director and Manager Message

Dear Guardians and Students
        Learning is life long process. Supportive environment, positive attitudes and values, behavior, thoughts and emotions pattern influence on personality development. Parents are first teacher of their own progeny. Peer group, school mates, teachers, and surroundings are responsible for overall holistic development of child. If all these things are in right direction, no worry for future. Hard work, dedication, devotion and determination are key points for success. Student’s diary is important tool for communication with school. Any deviation from these you are requested to inform school. To inculcate these values in our students we need really your co-operation. And ultimate vision of our school is to prepare students up to the level that they can compete with others at various levels states, national and international Entrance Examinations from this remote and rural area. It should be remember that parent’s are role model for development of personality. Thus you are requested not to do bad things which are harmful to the students themselves, families, society and the nation and lastly it is true that “Whatever you think that you will be”.


M.B.B.S., M.D.


Mrs. Mamta Verma

M.A., B.Ed.


Mr. Surendra kumar

Social Worker


Principal Message

It is my pleasure and privilege to serve as the Principal of Krishna Academy Sec. School not only because teaching is my passion but also because I enjoy the company of my dear student’s also talented and zealous teachers. Choosing a school, most appropriate to the individual needs of the child, is a major decision, for parents. At this stage many questions arise but the most important is whether the school’s educational and social philosophy meets the parent’s expectations and the children’s aspirations. The Krishna Academy Sec. School philosophy is based on the principle that the education involves the development of the child into a self motivated, responsible and self-disciplined personality from a very young are we groom children through purposeful activities to independent learning and self motivational, enabling them to achieve their highest potential. Self-esteem is achieved and skills vital to a fully functioning member of society as developed. A child’s school ought to be an extension of the family, providing a safe environment in which he/she can explore ideas and feelings. At Krishna Academy Sec. School, we ensure that every child achieves his/her academic objectives by providing them with the skills to realize the fullest potential.

Mr. Aditya Yadav

MA, B.Ed


List of School Management Committee (2018-2020)

S. N. Name/Father’s/Husband Designation INFORMATION ABOUT THE SCHOOL Address Occupation Phone/Mobile Term of Membership
1 Dr.S.K.Verma S/O Shrikrishan Verma Chairman Society Nominated Nahilora Buzurg, Post-Nahil Powayan,Shahjahanpur Doctor 941532025 3 years
2 Mr.Surendra Kumar S/O Late Shri Madhoram Manager Society Nominated Vill & Post Mudiya Kurmiyat, Powayan Farmer 9415596405 3 years
2 Aditya Yadav s/o Rajendra Kr Yadav Secretary Principal Krishna Academy Principal, Krishna Academy Titura,Jujharpur Powayan,Shahjahanpur Service 8960429993 3 years
3 Jyoti Gangwar w/o Raghvendra Verma Member Teacher Rep. Vill&Post Mudiya Kurmiyat, Powayan,Shahjahanpur Service 7054822929 3 years
4 Priti Verma W/O, Sanjay Kanaujia Member Teacher Rep. Nigohi Road ,Powayan, Shahjahanpur Service 8115315177 3 years
5 Rohini Rathore W/O Pawan Kumar Member Teacher Rep. Kamal Bagh Powayan Shahjahanpur Service 9198464447 3 years
6 Premchandra S/O Raghuwar Dayal Member Teacher Rep. Other School Head Teacher Upper Primar School Nahil Service 9415442793 3 years
7 Munni Kanaujia W/O Vijay Prakash Member Teacher Rep. Other School Ex. Head Teacher, Primary School Kurshath, Hardoi Service 9807753872 3 years
8 Munni Kanaujia W/O Vijay Prakash Member Teacher Rep. Other School Ex. Head Teacher, Primary School Kurshath, Hardoi Service 9807753872 3 years
9 Malti Verma W/O Manoj Kumar Member Parent Rep. Vill-Takeli, Powayan, Shahjahanpur Farmer 9918910044 3 years
10 Vijay Pal S/O Rajendra Singh Parent Rep Teacher Rep. Vill-Bhatpurachandu, Post-baragaon,Powayan, Shahjahanpur Farmer 9415510828 3 years
11 Alka Verma W/O Rakesh Kumar Member Society Nominated Vill.-Nahilora Buzurg,Post-Nahil. Shahjahanpur Service 9415510067 3 years
12 Mukul Verma W/O Ravindra Kumar Member Society Nominated Nigohi Road Powayan House Wife 7705854666 3 years
13 Mr. Ratan Kumar Principal KV-1 CBSE Rep. As per rule 8.2.2(e) Subject to Approval of Board Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya No.-1, Cantt, Shahjahanpur (Affiliation No-2100025) Service 8348136434 3 years
14 Mr.Yogendra Kumar Shakya Principal KV-2 CBSE Rep. As per rule 8.2.2(e) Subject to Approval of Board Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya No.-2, O.C.F. Shahjahanpur (Affiliation No-2100043) Service 9119618618 3 years